Integrated solutions

Our Turnkey Projects Division provides end to end A3S Solutions.  Our team members engage with the customer at the solution conceptualisation stage.  They understand requirements and design the solution.  We take complete responsibility of Engineering, Supply, Installation, Training & Commissioning of following requirements…

  1. Video Surveillance, Video Analytics
  2. Fire Detection & Suppression
  3. Access Control
  4. Entrance Automation
  5. IBMS
  6. Intrusion Detection

Fire Detection/Alarm, Fire Suppression & Gas Leak Detection/Alarm Systems

Whereas the cooking gas has become an absolute necessity of households, canteens & hotels, high demand for cooking piped/bottled gas also has the associated risks of leakage and resultant heavy damage/loss of human life & property due to fire. Our supply ranges from a simple local alarm system for domestic application to a more sophisticated integrated system for high-rise buildings & commercial establishments with central control/alarm system. We have the technology to integrate clusters of high-rise buildings into a central ‘Command & Control’ located in the campus. For Industrial Application, our ‘Truesafe’ range of Detectors & Fire Alarm Panels is available. We have developed special application of gas leakage hazard protection for large canteens and hotel kitchens with automatic shutoff/alarm system. Our solutions offer swift & effective response to meet the emergency situations. Central monitoring facilitates total visual coverage of the real-time data to the security.

Fire Suppression Systems – Aerosol, Nitrogen, FM200, NOVEC

Our high tech Fire Suppression Systems are most suited for fixed installations like server rooms, data centres, control panels, sub-stations, battery rooms, generator rooms, libraries, archives, warehouses, Electrical Cable ducts etc.

There are different agents used for different applications.  Aerosol can be used for applications like Battery Rooms, Generator Rooms, Transformer Rooms, Libraries, Warehouses etc.  However it is not suitable for Electronics and should be avoided for Server Rooms and other Electronic Equipment.  Aerosol totally eliminates the complex piping & storage cylinders required in case of other systems. Aerosol works on the principle of instant aerosol formation immediately after a trigger is received from the smoke detector. Thus, the envelop generated controls the fire instantly, takes away the heat and making possible to enter the room. Special characteristics of Aerosol are: simple to install, prevents backdrafts/flashovers, effective for early & advance stages of fire, reduces temperature, environment-friendly & harmless to humans. It has a shelf life of 15 years.

Our Turnkey Solutions team also provides Fire Suppression Systems using Nitrogen, FM200 or NOVEC.  These are clean agent systems and are more suitable for Data Centres, Server Rooms and Electronic equipment.

We also specialise in Foam Based Fire Suppression System for Helicopters.

Our Fire Detection/Alarm Systems are designed as per International Standards and are capable of alerting the concerned authority to contain the emergency. The smoke detector identifies the impending fire incident. The fire alarm panel precisely shows the source of fire, triggers alarm system and are provided with RS485, GSM/GPRS & Ethernet connectivity.

Alarm & Emergency Management (AEMS) for Senior Citizen Homes

Based on a system combination of Smoke & Gas Leak Protection, we have designed & installed customised safety systems for senior citizen homes. Besides providing Gas Leak & Smoke Detectors/Alarm System, a Pendent provided to each of the senior residents enables them to alert the building security for special help (SOS).

Access Control & Gate & Entry Automation, Perimeter Protection

Controlling & tracking movement of personnel in an establishment plays a key role in providing comprehensive security to an organisation. We provide a series of access controls in a multilayer security system to allow individuals or deny them entry or access to information or location. Our systems consist of alarm handling & management, access controllers, card management, smart cards, biometric readers, visitor management, motorised gates, bollards and intrusion-proof fence.

Applications are for Offices, Banks, Establishments, Hotels, Police and Defense.

Intrusion Alarm System & Video Surveillance (CCTV/VSS)

Our Intrusion Alarm Systems ‘V-COP’ are an advanced intrusion systems ranging from entry level to wired or wireless configuration. Apart from the main control panel, the accessories that make up the total system are panic switch, chord switch, motion sensors, beam detectors and vibration/glass break/gas leak sensors.

Video Analytics is the latest addition to our security solutions. While we have installed and commissioned several conventional Video Surveillance Systems, video analytics enables the system for specific applications, amongst them – object removal & tracking, pattern recognition, tampering, unattended articles, face recognition, loitering & license plate reading. Video analytics enables deeper investigation/control using the video data available thus helping to enhance operational effectiveness.

With our strategic alliances for design & application of the Intelligent Video Systems, we are in a position to execute projects in city surveillance & highway safety, traffic management, schools, homeland security and hospitals.

Facility & Building Management

Building Management Systems (BMS) find applications in large projects such as hotels and hospitals having extensive mechanical, electrical & plumbing systems. Systems linked to a BMS typically represent 40% of a building’s power usage. If lighting is included, this is as high as 70%. BMS systems help to optimise operating parameters of a building and useful in energy conservation. In addition to controlling the building’s internal environment, BMS systems can be linked to access control & other security systems such as closed-circuit television (CCTV) and motion detectors. Fire alarm systems and elevators are also sometimes linked to a BMS for monitoring.

Our wide experience in Automation enables us to comprehend & design a Building Management System. The system can be designed as building blocks which could be intelligently integrated into a robust system. Our field team can efficiently handle the field side as well as the back-end control room functions.

Our own manufactured energy saving devices ‘Ecoluz’ come in different configurations for ceiling & wall mounting and are excellent energy savers in large buildings, parking lots and basements.

AMC Services

Annual maintenance contracts involving regular system check-ups and routine work to regulate the performance & quality output of existing security systems are handled by our field services division. The AMC will comprise of the following services:

  • Rechecking of the installed security system in the establishment
  • Maintenance of devices, control panels & replacement of the faulty components
  • Advising on the minimum stocks of spares to be kept
  • Regular system testing & performance logging of parameters
  • Preparing maintenance schedule for weekly, monthly, quarterly & annual checks
  • Planning & execution of a comprehensive annual check-up
  • Emergency services during any break down
  • New statutory regulations
  • Expert services for special security devices & software

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