Why IP65 protection is needed for Gas Detectors used in Restaurant Kitchens or Parking

Authorities are making it mandatory to use #GasLeakDetectors for LPG or PNG used in Commercial kitchens. At some high rise buildings they are being used in underground parkings to protect from leakage from CNG cylinders used in vehicles.

Users (either hotel, restaurant management) are now aware about importance of this safety aspect. When they complete new project or obtain fresh NOC for the existing restaurant, they want to certainly complete it with speed and in cost effective manner. We have experienced that customers buy low cost residential gas detectors (usually Chinese Make) and obtain NOC. However they should note that this is a big compropmise.

Residential #GasLeakDetectors are usually IP40 grade. Their sensors are exposed to air and liquids. Their sensor becomes ineffective within few days of installation because of following reasons.

  • While cleaning the floor, water gets splashed on the detector sensor. This damages the sensor immediately.
  • Use of oils causes oil fumes to deposit on sensor which makes it ineffective.
  • Water and Oil can also damage electronics of the Gas Detector.
  • Above conditions mandate to use specially designed gas detector which prevents grease, water, dust to get deposited on the sensor.
  • Our model TS12CLR is IP65 grade. It prevents Water, Oil, dust to enter inside. Also, it has specially designed sensor head. It has double filter arrangement. The outer filter can be replaced within few seconds and it is inexpensive.

Conclusion: Use of Residential Gas Leak Detector in Commercial Kitchens is as good as not having any protection agains LPG/PNG Leaks


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