Save Electricity by Switching ON Staircase Lights only when needed

Energy saving is very important national agenda. And we are happy to provide “Made in India” solution for that. Most of the buildings use Elevators. Staircases are rarely used. But lights are left on throughout the night. Isn’t it a national waste? Similarly lights in large corridors and parking are left ON for at least 12 hours a day. This energy consumption could be brought down significantly. How? Consider this…..

1. Tubelight (40W) consumes 480WHr electricity in 12Hrs = Rs.3.84(approx). Rs. 8 per unit is considered. If you have 10 story building, you will have two staircases and it will consume total 3.84*20=Rs.76.8 worth of electricity every day. i.e. about Rs.28,000.00. You can save almost all this amount because no one generally climbs the staircases. So use our ecoLuz (Sensor Light Switches) to save energy!!!

In addition it will increase the life of your tubelights. Probably you will not have to replace them for 10 years or so!!!

You will get Return on Investment on our ecoLuz in just 8 to 9 months!!!

Is not it a boon to housing societies, townships, commercial complexes, malls etc.
You can also use following tips for ecoLuz…..

  • Use ecoLuz in parking for 2/3rd of you parking tubelights. i.e. keep 1/3rd permanently ON.
  • Use ecoLuz with alternate tubelights in long corridors.
  • Use them in your pump rooms, society office and common facilities like club houses.

One last request. Do not use low cost imported products. Support make in India moment.

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