Intrusion Panel

Intrusion Alarm Panel is a sophisticated home / office security system for protection against burglary or property damage. The system is designed to detect intrusion (unauthorized) entry in to building or area with the help of sensors. The system is kept at the user premises. System can read inputs from wired as well as wireless sensors. User can configure various parameters like zones, entry / exit delay, and contact numbers with help of key pad. LCD display on the front panel indicates the various activities. LED and buzzers are also used to report emergency. At the same time system reports to different users by sending SMS or voice call and central stations with the help of CID or SIA DC09 protocol.

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General Feature List

* Features are indicative and may not be available in each model.

• 9 wired (Microcontroller based) & 32 wireless sensors to detect an emergency condition
• 16*2 Backlight LCD Display
• Tactile 18 Keys Key Pad ( external keypad of 18 key supported)
• Inbuilt GSM Auto Dialer
• 10 Voice & 10 SMS Reporting Number Support
• 20 Sec. pre-recorded voice message. Message Playback facility
• Up to 100 Number of Event support
• Provision for partial Arm. Auto Arm/Disarm zone facility and time/schedule based arming features
• Arming & Disarming through keypad, wireless Keyfob, SMS and using Android App
• Tampered proof enclosure and Audio Pop up for Arming conformation through Siren (2 sec)
• Non-volatile memory to restore multiple programming
• IP compatible support ( SIA DC 09 + Reverse command)- Add on card


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