GSM Auto Dialer

GSM Auto Dialer is used for continuous monitoring and reporting alarm conditions to users. The unit has 4 digital potential free or 12 V DC active inputs. When any input changes its state, alert message is sent to the user by SMS or voice call. For every input, unique separate SMS is sent to reporting numbers. Maximum up to 10 different persons can be notified with the alert. The unit has 2 potential free outputs. The output can be connected to any third party monitoring systems such as SCADA, PLC and so on. It can also be connected to notification devices such as sounders or sirens. The output can be controlled through SMS by the user.

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Water Flood Reporting

General Feature List

* Features are indicative and may not be available in each model.

• 4 Inputs (Programmable NO or NC)
• 4 Voice Messages (One for Each Input)
• 4 SMS Messages (One for Each Input)
• 10 Tel No’s for Voice Message Reporting
• 10 Separate Tel No’s for SMS Reporting


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