Industrial Gas Leak Detector -TS21I Ele-O2

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TS21I-Ele-O2 is Industrial grade gas leak detector is suitable for detection of oxygen in the air. It displays the actual gas that is being analyzed after leakage. Offered detector is precisely designed under the supervision of our skilled professionals with the help of the latest technology and excellent grade components.

Application area of these gas detectors are Hospitals, gas banks, petroleum & chemical plants, natural gas, electric power, municipal administration, tele-com, tunnel construction, gas storage station, special plants etc.

It reads the gas concentration in Air and transmits to a detection panel over digital bus as well as it shows PPM level on display. Electrochemical type of gas sensor is used in this detector. This sensor provides good reproducibility, good performance against changes in atmospheric temperature and humidity. It has long life-span and easy operation. Detector have provision to set Two alarm levels of warnings (High & Low).

PFC Relay output is provided and this output can be connected to the conven-tional Gas Detection Panel OR SCADA system. For BMS connectivity detector have provide RS485 output.

Electrochemical Sensor is used in this model which does not required cali-bration frequently. Additionally 4-20mA and Selectable 0-5 V & 0-10V Analog output could be also available. Enclosure used is suitable for Zone 1 & Zone 2 hazardous areas.

Note : Enclosure depicted above is indicative. Specs subject to change without notice.

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 Detection Range—0-25% Vol.
 Preset Alarm Levels a) Low Alarm Level b) High Alarm Level.
 Auto Calibrated.
 Response Time <15 S.
 Electrochemical sensor is used.
 PFC Relay NO or NC PFC O/P and It will be Selectable Latching type or Pulse Type.
 Sensor Life : Up to 10 years.
 Analog O/P : Selectable 0-5 V & 0-10V output, 4-20mA current output.
 Operating Voltage Range is 18 to 32VDC.

Salient Features:
 Long Operating Life.
 No Routine Calibration Required, hence reducing maintenance cost & time.
 Operated in Inert Atmospheres.
 Fast Response.
 Replaceable Sensor Provision.
 Magnetic Key Operations.
 Wide Operating Temperature Range.
 Failsafe Operation.
 No moving parts , hence no drift.
 High reliability & repeatability.
 ATEX Certified.
 CCOE (PESO) Certified
 BIS—CM/L—3927980 Certified

TS21I-ELE Detector detects following gases:
Hydrogen, Ammonia, Carbon Monoxide, Sulfur Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide

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Gas Sampling Electrochemical absorption Detection Level 0—25% Vol.
Gas Sensor Type Electrochemical Output Four Digit 7-Sigment
PFC Relay,(NC & NO)
Power sup-ply 18VDC to 32VDC Optional RS-485, Valve out-put. 4-20mA Output 0-5V & 0-10V Output
Power Con-sumption 2W / 5WMax. Working Temperature -20°C to 80°C

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