Industrial Gas Leak Detector -TS21I Ele-Br2

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TS21I-ELE-Br2 is Industrial grade gas leak detector which is suitable for gases like Bromine. Application area of this detector is Refiner-ies and Petrochemical Plants, Chemical and Pharma Industries, Fertilizer etc. where gas leakage is possible. It reads the gas concentration in air and trans-mits to a detection panel over digital bus as well as it shows PPM level on dis-play.

Electrochemical type of gas sensor is used in this detector. This sensor provides good reproducibility, good performance against changes in atmos-pheric temperature and humidity. It has long life-span and easy operation. Detector have provision to set Two alarm levels of warnings (High & Low).

PFC Relay output is provided and this output can be connected to the conven-tional Gas Detection Panel OR SCADA system. For BMS connectivity detector have provide RS485 output.

Electrochemical Sensor is used in this model which does not required cali-bration frequently.
Additionally 4-20mA and Selectable 0-5 V & 0-10V Analog output could be also available.
Enclosure used is suitable for Zone 1 & Zone 2 hazardous areas.

Note : Enclosure depicted above is indicative. Specs subject to change with-out notice.

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 Detection Range—0-5 PPM
 Preset Alarm Levels a) Low Alarm Level b) High Alarm Level
 Auto Calibrated
 Response Time T90 less than 30Sec.
 Electrochemical sensor is used
 PFC Relay NO or NC PFC O/P and It will be Selectable Latching type or Pulse Type
 Sensor Life : Up to 10 years
 Analog O/P : Selectable 0-5 V & 0-10V output 4-20mA current output
 Operating Voltage Range is 18 to 32VDC

Salient Features:
 Long Operating Life
 No Routine Calibration Required, hence reducing maintenance cost & time
 Operated in Inert Atmospheres.
 Fast Response
 Replaceable Sensor Provision
 Magnetic Key Operations
 Wide Operating Temperature Range
 Failsafe Operation
 No moving parts , hence no drift
 High reliability & repeatability
 ATEX Certified.
 BIS—CM/L—3927980 Certified
TS21I-ELE Detector detects following gases:
Hydrogen, Ammonia, Carbon Monooxide, Sulpher Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulphide,

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Gas Sampling Electrochemical absorption Detection Level 0—5 PPM
Gas Sensor Type Electrochemical Output Four Digit 7-Sigment
PFC Relay,(NC & NO)
Power sup-ply 18VDC to 32VDC Optional RS-485, Valve out-put. 4-20mA Output 0-5V & 0-10V Output
Power Con-sumption 2W / 5WMax. Working Temperature -20°C to 80°C

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