Operation Desert Storm!!!

You will be wondering about the photograph above. It’s a shattered lock of the Wind Turbine. Few months back I visited Rajasthan desert where our online Security Systems protect hundreds of wind turbines.

It was a James Bond movie like experience. I was inspecting the monitoring console at the site office. I found that there was early morning (4AM) event at a particular turbine. Site staff reported that door was forced open by burglars. Upon receiving the alert patrolling team had promptly reached the site. Burglars ran away. I insisted on visiting this turbine to see the site condition.

Gautam Singh, the driver of the patrolling vehicle agreed to take me to that particular turbine. It was 10kms away in the midst of desert. There was no road, only jeep tracks. He would have driven about 3kms, when he got a call from Site Monitoring Station that “Door Open” alarm has been received from the same turbine. Gautam asked me if it is OK to drive vehicle fast. Fortunately I am fit to experience such adventures. Oh boy!!! it was a James Bond chase. For 7kms he was driving at a speed of 80kms/hr on desert track. The vehicle was bouncing and turning on sand, squeaking, breaking, accelerating. Soon we could see the turbine being robbed. Robbers had tied rope to the handle of the turbine door and pulling with the help of Mahindra Hawk Jeep.

As soon as they saw us, they ran away. The theft was completely averted, second time on the same day. I was shaking with the excitement. We went inside the turbine. Our Security System had triggered local siren. I silenced that and spoke to Site Office. Everyone was relieved.

Our equipment have saved Crores of Rs. worth loss of cables and loss of electricity generation on this single site.

My team has spent countless hours in studying and solving various Security threats for various industries. We are all working towards ensuring “Freedom from Fear” experience to our customers.

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