Freedom from Fear!!!

Mumbai witnessed two blasts in the last week. One at Kurla and the other one at Vikhroli. Both happened due to LPG leak. In Kurla incidence 8 people were killed and at Vikhroli 10 go injured.

Most of us will agree that as a community we lack safety awareness. You will find workers merrily working at heights (on hoardings, high rise buildings etc.) without any safety belt. People ride on two wheelers with the whole family (5 members including infants and kids). Mishaps happen. Media gets wild for couple of days and then it becomes a routine matter.

Simple measure like use of Gas Leak Detectors in kitchens, cylinder storage areas can reduce related risks. In the coming week we shall be creating awareness in hoteliers community.

Yesterday we adopted new Corporate Positioning Statement : Freedom from Fear. It is our commitment towards our customers. We want to touch and move their lives by freeing them from fears related to Safety and Security!!!

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