Design & Installation of Fire Alarm System is Important to reduce false alarms….

I came across interesting facts regarding false alarms generated by fire alarm systems. Statistics for false alarms from UK was made available recently.

Each element of the fire alarm system needs to be designed and selected carefully. Smoke detectors play a major role in reducing false alarms. Ordinary and low cost smoke detectors may not be designed to be immune to dust, humidity, steam and insects. In places like generator rooms, rooms with fire places, kitchens etc. heat detectors need to be installed instead of smoke detectors. It is better to select Addressable detectors over conventional as they use microprocessors and sophisticated technology to isolate false alarm conditions. They can recalibrate over period of time. Few makes have provision to set the sensitivity from the fire alarm control panel which also helps.

Installation needs to be done by the certified installer who has the correct know-how.

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