Using Technology and Gadgets to Ensure the Safety of Senior Citizens

using technology and gadgets

They say that reaching the last stages of life is just like entering a second childhood. One must be very careful and mindful with dealing with the elderly. They are sensitive, gentle and fragile, and require special assistance from time to time. When it comes to caring for the elderly members in the family, the first thing we consider is environmental factors such as preventing falls and injury. We make sure that there are no loose rugs on which they may trip, we make sure that there is adequate lighting in every room so that the grannies and grandpas at home have no trouble with visibly and wayfinding, we even install extra steps or bars in the bathroom so that there is support while getting up.

Let us have a look at various gadgets and technologies available today to help you in ensuring the safety of senior citizens at your home –

Fire Safety:

It’s important to understand that anyone over the age of 85 is 3.8 times more likely to die in a fire than the rest of the population. If the elderly folks in your home are alone from time to time, you’ll need to ensure that smoke detectors are installed in every room, not just the kitchen. This is because things such as mobility, mindset and health complications must be factored in when it comes to dealing with senior citizens. It is insensitive to expect elders to act as quickly as younger adults, which is why you need smarter smoke detection systems. Installing these will not only alert the occupants of the house but will also alert you so that you can take the necessary action to rush to their aid and call the authorities. Besides installing fire alarm systems and smoke detectors, have a word with the elderly members and let them know that in case of an emergency they must calmly exit the building.

Intrusion Detection:

One of the biggest fears of caregivers when it comes to caring for the elderly is intrusions. Detecting a break-in as soon as it happens gives you that much more time to alert the authorities. Go for intrusion alarm systems that can detect unauthorized entry into space. Check for systems that offer video analytics features such as face recognition, loitering, license plate reading, and object removal to name a few.

LPG Gas Detection:

In many households, when the kids are at school and the parents are at work, the elderly of the household are left to their own devices for some time. At this time, it is very natural for elders to want to make a cup of tea or heat some food, and so on. But the nature of the elderly tends to be slightly forgetful, which is why LPG gas detectors are an absolute must in every household. Not leaving the gas on, even accidentally, maybe something that younger adults take for granted, but we must be understanding towards the elders since it is only human for them to forget things at their age. Go for highly sensitive gas detectors that can detect even the slightest release of LPG so that any crisis may be averted well in advance. When it comes to LPG, the trick is to nip the leak in the bud and air out the house completely.

Panic Switch for Bedside:

If the senior citizens in your home require certain aids for mobility such as wheelchairs, walking sticks or hearing aids, make sure that these are neatly arranged by the person’s bed before bedtime. This way, in case of an emergency, the person has everything that they may need to evacuate the home. Besides this, install a panic button so that the person may press in case of an emergency. This will sound of an alarm in every part of the house so that you can rush to the senior citizen in time.

Fall Sensors:

Around one-third of the population over 65 suffer falls each year. A fall for a senior citizen can bring forth extreme discomfort and pain, and sometimes, may even be fatal. If you are caring for a person above 65, then fall sensors can make all the difference to the wellness and safety of the concerned senior citizen. They are wearable devices which trigger an alarm to the caretaker if any sudden jolts or movements are detected. This way, even if you are unable to get to your loved one on time, you can at least call a friend for help in the meantime.

Door Sensors:

This is an especially handy equipment for dealing with elderly patients who may have dementia or related conditions. Such patients are always at risk since they are sometimes unaware of their surroundings which may unknowingly put them in dangerous situations. For these reasons, door sensors may be stationed at the patient’s room door so that a caregiver is alerted if the patient tries to exit the room. The idea is not to cordon off the patient, but rather to allow them to move around freely as long as you are aware of where they are.

Alarm & Emergency Management (AEMS) for Senior Citizen Homes:

This is one of our offerings which is based on a combination of smoke and gas leak protection. It is a special gas detection device that also doubles as a fire alarm system by alerting the building security for immediate help.

It is important to note that senior citizens are twice more likely to suffer fire-related injuries or fatalities than the youth and middle-aged adults. Limited mobility is one of the main issues which is why prevention is extremely important, as well as acting swiftly. Visit our website to find all of these solutions and more, which will help ensure the safety of the wisest members of your household!



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