Monitoring health of pre-installed systems

Monitoring health of pre-installed systems

In case a person wants to protect their home, commercial property or industrial complex from fire incidents, installing fire safety systems is not enough. Sure, the fire safety systems will engage and alert the authorities all the while alerting the owner of the property but at times they may fail as well.

Why is installing only the fire safety systems not enough?

Well, according to an expert associated with FireTweet people should also install fire alarm monitoring systems in their home in a bid to continuously monitor the overall health as well as operational efficacy of the sensors in their property.

These monitoring systems also allow one to make sure that the alerts generated from fire safety systems are not false – thus making sure that the resources of first responders don’t go to waste. On top of this, thanks to these systems, homeowners will be able to make sure that the fire safety systems they have had installed in their property are inspected and maintained periodically.

The result is simple – in the event of an emergency, one would not need to worry about the fire safety systems failing to do their job.

Typical reasons why sensors and fire safety systems fail

There are certain reasons why even tried and tested fire safety systems fail to operate and save properties as well as lives. Some of them are as follows – 

  • In case of a fire suppression system – if the sprinkler heads of the fire suppression system are being painted over during renovation then these will not be able to disengage the valve that keeps the pressurised water at bay from sprinkling over the fire breaking out below.
  • In case of failed or faulty smoke detectors – if the batteries of smoke detectors are not replaced periodically then obviously these sensors won’t be able to do their job when they should.

All of the aforementioned instances could be kept at bay in a modern home or place of business when the owner decides to go ahead and implement fire safety system monitoring solutions.

How can people themselves monitor these details?

Well by adopting fire safety system monitoring services offered by renowned companies like FireTweet Technologies.

The aforementioned company offers cloud based IoT (Internet of Things) solutions to people who want to keep instances of non-functional fire safety systems and related fire safety equipment installed in their property at bay. FireTweet and its fire safety monitoring solution is one of the easiest ways one can not only safeguard their loved ones, their places of business and their homes but also ensure that when the authorities are notified in case of an accident, the said notification is sent in case of a real emergency and it is not emanating from a faulty sensor.


Fire alarm and related fire safety monitoring systems are not only a boon for homeowners but also for business owners as both parties can rest assured that their respective properties will be attended to by emergency responders in case of an emergency. On that note, all of the benefits mentioned above can only be reaped by a person when they have consulted with a revered fire safety solution provider like FireTweet Technologies.

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