How to Protect your Office from Accidental Fire Hazards?

With the lockdown in place, almost every office is shut down till further notice. Nobody knows when life will come to normal and regular routines will be getting followed again. In such times, it is quite normal to worry about the safety of the offices and workplaces. While there are CCTV’s in place for continuous monitoring, there are little of no measures put in place in event of any unfortunate incident. Through Vighnaharta, you can ensure the safety of the office at your fingertips.

Through Vighnaharta TSFC12-2 Alarm Panel, safety from accidental fire hazards can be ensured through its following features:

  • Smart and Real-Time Alerts: Users can receive real-time fire and fault alerts on their mobile app. Known as Two Zone Conventional Fire Alarm panel, it has an auto-learn feature and supports Hindi and Tamil languages too.
  • Types: Fire alarm panels from Vighnaharta are available in two variants- conventional and addressable. While the conventional panels are well-suited for small office spaces, addressable panels are suitable for larger establishments.
  • Connectivity: As the majority of the latest devices are integrated with the latest connectivity technology, Vighnaharta Fire Alarm Panel is equipped with cloud connectivity through the Wi-Fi module, as the technology is fast, secure, and robust. The alarms are reported on up to 10 mobile numbers via SMS.
  • Attractive Design: Sometimes, the devices look unpleasant in the premises of the office space. On the contrary, Vighnaharta fire alarm panels have a beautiful flush mount plastic enclosure that matches the interior of the office space, making it more beautiful.
  • Power Saver: While some fire alarm panels consume a huge amount of energy or require more than one battery, escalating electricity bills of the premises. Vighnaharta Fire panels are battery savers as they work on single battery backup.
  • Versatility: Fire Alarm Panels of Vighnaharta are highly versatile as they can be installed on numerous premises such as Office, Godowns, Stores, Small projects, factories, industries, airports, control rooms.
  • Certification: Vighnaharta fire alarm systems are highly certified and secured. The conventional and addressable fire alarm panels of Vighnaharta are TUV EN54-2 and TUV EN54-4 certified ensuring that the products are of supreme quality and deliver the highest efficiency.

We have often heard about incidents in which sudden fires have reduced many businesses to ash. In the situation of lockdown, there is no manual fire prevention support in workshops, offices, and business places. In such time, automated fire systems are lifesavers. Apart from fire sensors/ detectors Vighnaharta also specializes in providing high-quality fire suppression systems to protect your business from unfathomable losses. Vighnaharta is also a provider and manufacturer of TrueSafe Smoke Detectors.

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