Carbon Monoxide Gas Leak Detector - TS12HC1RB

Carbon Monoxide Gas Leak Detector detects gas leakage by using alarm. It is suitable for application where additional security required. It prevent from carbon monoxide poisoning.


LPG / PNG Gas Leak Detector

LPG/PNG Gas leak detector ( TS230HLB / HLRB) alert the gas leakage by using alarm system. It warn before the gas density in air reaches unwanted levels. This gas leak detection equipment used in home, hotels etc.


GAS Valve

The electro-valve is emergency device used to cut off the gas pipeline. It can be connected with the gas leakage alarm system or fire protection and other intelligent terminals connecting module to implement automatically /manually cutting off the power urgently on spot or remoteness, assuring the safety of using gas.


Alcohol Breath Analyzer Nose Model – ABA Nose

Alcohol Breath analyzer- Nose model should be only used to give an indication of the possible presence of alcohol in the breath or blood. In this model we have used advanced hot wire alcohol sensor, which gives quick response.