Marketing Strategy Competition for Apollo V.25, V.75, Ignis

Preamble :-

Vighnaharta A3S has completed design and testing of Addressable Fire Alarm Panels for Apollo XP95 and Discovery. Post January these panels shall support new model Soteria. The panels are designed as light weight i.e. optimum features compared to comeptition like Kentec, Advanced, Fire Lite, Notifier, Morley, Siemens, GST etc. At the same time panels are simple to program, do not require special programmers, simple to operate and simple to use. All panels are networkable and can be connected to BMS.

About Competition :-

1. Prepare a marketing strategy plan for Apollo Ignis rage of panels…

a. Apollo Ignis
b. Apollo V.75
c. Apollo V.25

2. Plan should clearly mention…

a. Target market/customers for each model
b. Perceived or experienced user behaviour
c. Sales Channel Strategy
d. Price positioning
e. Brand positioning
f. Product Promotion
g. Sales Targets

Specs Sheets:-

Specs Sheet shall be separately made available for each of above models


Award :-

The winner shall be given Cash Award (by cheque) of Rs.10,000.00.

Eligibility :-

Any employee of RASS can participate in the competition.

Final Submission Date:-

Entries should be sent on by 10st Sep 2015

Panel of Judges:-

Nitin Joshi, Ajit Deshmukh, Hitendra Uppal, Vikrant Patil shall constitute the panel.

Please go through below link to datasheets for your reference.

Apollo Ignis
Apollo V.75
Apollo V.25