TrueSafe Industrial Gas Detector is designed for detection & early warning for gas leakage from cylinders or through pipelines. Large industries or large hotel kitchens use several gas cylinders or gas banks. There is possibility of gas leakage and the severity of fire / explosion hazard is very high. The TrueSafe ILR is used for safety purpose in hazardous areas where there are chances of gas leakage. This wall mounted unit is designed for permanent installation with replaceable sensor. TrueSafe Industrial Gas Detector is available for Hydrogen, Ammonia, Carbon Monooxide, Sulpher Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulphide, Chlorine, Oxygen, Acetylene, Nitrogen Dioxide, Nitric Oxide, Formaldehyde gases.

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Infrared Type Gas Leak Detector

Catalytic Type Gas Leak Detector

Electrochemical Type Gas Leak Detector

Semi Conductor Type Gas Leak Detector

Semi Conductor Type Gas Leak Detector


Industrial Gas Leak Detector for Food Processing Plant

Industrial Gas Leak Detector for Chemical Industry

Industrial Gas Leak Detector for Gas Bullet Station

General Feature List

* Features are indicative and may not be available in each model.

• Gas Sampling by Natural diffusion
• Detection Range—0-100% of LEL
• Preset Alarm Levels a) Low Alarm Level b) High Alarm Level
• Auto Calibrated
• Response Time(< 2Sec.)
• Catalytic sensor is used
• Flame Proof Enclosure is used
• Sensor Life : Up to 5 years
• ATEX Certified


Brochure – Click here to download.

Nugget – Industrial Gas leak detector for Ammonia Ele sensor- Click here to download.


Technica Atex Test Certificate for Industrial Gas leak Detector. Click here to view.

BIS Certificate. Click here to view.


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