Compact Contact Less IR Thermometer

The IR Thermometer design essentially consists of a lens to focus the infrared thermal radiation on to a detector, which converts the radiant power to an electrical signal that can be displayed in units of temperature after being compensated for ambient temperature. This permits temperature measurement from a distance without contact with the object to be measured.

Simply, point the device at the target keeping a distance of 3-5 cm, press the ‘trigger’ button. Within a second you can read the temperature on the LCD screen. The infrared thermometer measures temperature over the range of 32 to 43 °C with an assured accuracy of ±0.2°C. The corresponding Backlight Red, Orange or Green will turn on for 2 sec depending on temperature Range of >38 °C, 37 °C to 37.9 °C, and <37 °C respectively.

The TH-TM01 infrared thermometers are used to detect the body temperature in case of fever, one of the symptoms of coronavirus. These thermometers check the human or object temperature by sensing the infrared energy radiated by the body.




Compact Contact Less IR Thermometer – TrueHealth* TH-TM01/TM01BT





Product Features

• ‘No Contact’ Process for measuring temperature
• A clear, easy to read LCD display with a Low battery Indication
• Auto Power Off time is less than a minute
• Single Push button allowing the user to select °C or °F
• Highly Precise and Accurate Reading
• Different Backlight indication for different Body temperature
• Bluetooth Connectivity (Optional)
• Log 32 past events for both body and object
• Compact & Light Weight
• Easy to use

Technical Specifications

• Supply Voltage: DC 3V : 2*1.5V AAA Batteries
• Temperature Range: 32 to 43 °C (89.6 °F to 109.4 °F)
• Accuracy: ±0.2 °C (±0.4 °F)
• Measuring Distance: 3-5 cm
• Relative Humidity: <85%
• Temperature Indications on Two/Three* Color Backlight:

*as per the availability



IR Thermometers check the human or object temperature by sensing the infrared energy radiated by the body.

The application area include:
• Offices
• Hospitals
• Banks
• Malls
• Hotels
• Schools and Colleges
• Public Transport (Airport, Railway station, Bus-stand)
• Factories

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