Mr. Nitin Joshi (Managing Director)
M.Tech – Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Nitin is founder of SAN Group of Companies that work in the fields of interface communication, Industrial Automation, Power supplies, Industrial Training and Software. Nitin has 25+ years of experience in product designing, software development and project management. He co-founded SPGI (Security Promotion Group of India) to create awareness in the community for safety and security. Through his responsibilities as Secretary of Defense Equipment Manufacturers’ Association, and as a member of Electronics Committee of MCCIA, Nitin continues to create opportunities for innovation and collaboration with our industry partners.

Anant Gokhale (Director – R&D)
M. Tech – Indian Institute of Technology

Throughout his 25+ years of career in electronic product design, communication software development and customized solution, Anant has developed products that are internationally reputed. His expertise in the areas of electronics design, communication and data management is unparalleled. Anant was instrumental in developing and manufacturing protocol gateways and interface converters for various industrial automation and telecom connectivity applications.

Anant, also being an authorized design consultant for Microchip and AVR has guided several offshore teams, and has developed products in areas of safety and security, automation technology, semiconductor equipment and medical electronics. As the CTO, Anant is the backbone for RASS and continues to inspire and lead our team innovators

Mr. Ajit Deshmukh (Director – Turnkey Solutions)
Ajit is a veteran management professional with a 35+ years of experience in management. Throughout his career Ajit has successfully executed projects in wide array of industries such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, cement projects along with electronic safety and security. As a project manager for ONGC, Ajit shouldered the single point responsibility for four offshore platforms and subsea pipeline project valued at US $120 million. Ajit headed product groups for industry giants such as Reliance, BPCL, ONGC, TATA and FINOLEX to name a few

Samir Buwa (CEO)
Sameer plunged into the safety and security industry through his trading business. Upon exit from his successful venture as a trader, he managed P&E (Process and Environment) and semiconductor segments for HORIBA India. Sameer has built himself a brand of tenacious leadership and sound administration.

Mr. Jeentendra Girme (General Manager – Production)
Electronic Manufacturing became Jitendra’s focus during his 22 years of service with Philips India. With solid command over technology and facilitative leadership, he proved himself to be a keen manager. Upon joining RASS, Jitendra transformed manufacturing operations at RASS and spearheaded implementation of world class production procedures.