7 Types of Surveillance Systems That your Bank Needs

A chilling incident that unfurled in the capital reaffirmed the urgent requirement of better surveillance solutions for banks. Just a few days ago, a Corporation Bank branch in Chhawala faced a heist by a gang of thieves who shot the cashier dead and fled with whatever cash they could find, reports say that the amount was between 2-3 lakhs. However, it was the CCTV footage from over 200 cameras that helped over a 100 policemen crack the case within 12 hours. The tragic part of this case was not the money or the robbery itself, but the unnecessary loss of life. If this bank had better systems in place, the authorities could have reached the bank within minutes and would have had the chance to catch the culprits in the act. However, since the bank was in a remote region in Delhi, the only form of security was the CCTV cameras which did nothing to save the life of the innocent cashier. In September 2018, a branch of Punjab National Bank in Noida was robbed and two private security guards lost their lives in the incident. Although it is apparent that banks are not as safe as they may seem, not many banks have taken the necessary steps to ensure that the safety and security solutions are up to date. As the times progress, it is important to note that criminals also get smarter, we need to be one step ahead of the bad guys.

In this blog, we cover the main elements that banks need to look for in their surveillance systems –

 1)  Glass Break Sensors

This is one of the most important factors in a bank – even more important than CCTV footage. This is because the breaking of the glass is an act of violence. If there are no sensors, no one will know of the incident unfurling until the culprit escape. If you have these sensors in place, the authorities will be alerted as soon as any glass is broken, and they will be present at the bank within minutes. What’s more is that the criminals may not be aware of this, so chances of catching them red-handed are even higher.

 2) Motion Sensor (Shutter/Door)

Motion sensors which are meant for intrusion detection are designed to pick up unusual vibrations and break-ins. This is especially effective in the night when the tampering of the shutters could take place. The authorities are immediately alerted and will arrive at the bank in no time.

 3) Smoke Detector

Smoke Detectors are used to sense fire. They are usually connected to fire alarm. However our Security Systems have integrated feature for safety.

 4) 5D Sensor

This refers to the lenses on the CCTV camera. A 5D sensor will make the CCTV camera as powerful as a DSLR, which is the need of the hour. Criminals know that CCTV cameras are installed and they come prepared, covering most parts of their face and body. If your CCTV camera is outdated, it will provide a pixelated video which is not enough when it comes to identifying masked criminals. A 5D sensor will pick up the minutest details such as birthmarks, tattoos, or wounds which will make the identification process a lot easier.

5) 2-way Audio System

Both, banks as well as ATMs, must consider Microphone Amplifier and Speaker for 2-way digital voice recording operations. This device records all of the surrounding voices and sounds so that the police department has something to work with, in case of an emergency.

6) Intrusion Alarm Panel

An intrusion alarm panel is an IoT-enabled device which is complete with magnetic and vibration sensors. These sensors pitch up the algorithms of set vibrations caused by actions such as drilling or hammering, in case of break-ins. An intrusion panel system enables the authorities to act swiftly since they are immediately notified.

 7) Tamper Alerts

Indian ATMs have no security besides physical guards and outdated CCTV cameras which do not do much for armed criminals. As a result, it is easy to tamper with the machines and install card readers to steal the personal information of others. A tamper-alert equipped ATM can trigger an alarm if someone tries to physically lift the ATM machine. They are triggered by certain vibrations and also have thermal alerts which sound in case of the machine getting burnt. A panic switch comes in handy if a customer is being held hostage, or even when a theft occurs, the authorities can be informed in no time.

The integration of these systems creates a stronghold that banks can trust. What’s more is that in case of an emergency, the authorities can be alerted much sooner, which gives them more time to act and nab the suspects on time. Most of the solutions mentioned above are IoT-enabled, which facilitates a quicker response time. The RBI strongly recommends the implementation of e-surveillance in banks. It is also important to note that life is precious, there is very little a security guard armed with a lathi can do if a gang of armed thieves barge into the bank. These systems are so much more than just CCTV solutions because any sign of a break in, be it too much noise or shattering glass, will be detected and alarms will automatically sound off, which makes the act of robbing a bank too risky for criminals to even consider!

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