What’s a Fire Alarm system basically
Let’s first understand what a Fire Alarm System is. In the simplest of its meanings, a Fire Alarm system is an arrangement to make you aware whenever there is a Fire. In earlier days (or even today at some places), there used to be a person, whose job was to keep a watch on an area in residential buildings or the supervisor in a small factory, he used to inform when such a mishap takes place. This was also a traditional “system” in a way.
Today, in Housing Societies, Companies, Malls, Shops, there are different kind of sophisticated (as per usage) Fire Alarm Systems are in use. The most typical of these will have a device which actually detects smoke or heat or many other variety of fluctuations. There are Alarm sounds allover the place which intimate people to take necessary actions. More details, please refer This Article

Importance of a Fire Alarm System
Earlier times were quite different than the today’s times. Earlier, in residential societies, unlike today, you would find occupants throughout the day and night.The reasons being the type of living present then. But now the lives are changing very fast. Husband &Wife both work & spend their maximum time out of their Living Spaces.
Secondly, the traditional villages & houses, when there is a fire, people use to run with a simple shout “Fire!” In such places, is a Fire Alarm system required? – Debatable.
But, as it is happening everywhere, if it is a nuclear family, the chances are more that, if there is fire at your house, and you are miles away (hours rather), you need a smart system to protect your assets from Fire.
There, these smart systems will play their role.With the growing number of housing societies and nuclear living, there is a great necessity for having installed a smart & efficient Fire Alarm System at your place of Living. Some apartments, with a better of safety, also install these Fire Alarm Systems in all the rooms of their house. Commercial Establishments, with their changing structure (more malls now) require their maintenance departments to be alert whenever they sense any Fire. In industries, where automation is replacing manual labour fast, these Fire Alarm Systems come to a great rescue.
“Fire Fighting norms are a “Must” according to the laws, but slowly the Fire Alarm Systems are also becoming a part of Must be’s for a residential complex. Builders in 1st Metro cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata are already implementing the Fire Alarm System as a necessary feature; now 2nd metros like Pune will also follow the trend soon”;
says Ar. Deepali Sawant, CEO, Disegno Architects, a leading Architectural Firm from Pune.
First step you can take to implement Fire Alarm System
Once you identify that there is no Fire Alarm System installed in your Society or in the mall, the very first step will be to contact experts in this domain.Contact local agencies who deal in this area.We too can guide you perfectly to select & implement an exact Fire Alarm System at your place; be it a small house or a Large Industrial Premise.We have several satisfied clients to our credit. Just have a look at our website (Link to reality site).

Which Fire Alarm System you should go for?
Typically, the Agency (like us) will examine your needs & guide you which system to go for, but broadly there will be 2 classifications:
a. Conventional and b. Addressable

The system logic, components & working will be suitable to the type of environment it caters to. At Vignaharta, our commitment is tosuggest you the best suitable equipment adhering to all circumstances & atmospheric conditions.
The Type of Fire Alarm System you wish to go for will depend upon the classification, number of beneficiaries, level of damage expected etc. For this, we suggest you to kindly contact us so that our Engineers will help you get the safest system with the best technical features.